Micro Pura 20 Rejuvenating Youth Secret


20 Rejuvenating Youth Secret is the perfect skincare product to turn the reverse the aging of your skin!

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General Details
Cutting-Edge Dramatic Skin Rejuvenator

A new cutting-edge youth rejuvenating technology that contains high intensive patented formulations that work across all major skin needs and revitalizes your skin to look dramatically younger.

Employs various hydrating and anti-drying agents to quench dehydrated skin and powerfully help retain sufficient moisture, leaving the skin with a softer texture while repairing and preventing skin damages.

The blend of the patented ingredients regulates the tyrosinase activity and inhibits the melanoma transfer. It reduces sunspots, discoloration, rebalances uneven skin tone which improves the skin clarity. It also acts as a potent lightener and blemish corrector.

As an ongoing treatment, this Rejuvenating Youth Secret will preserve the elasticity and firmness, improving the skin appearance and skin appearance, resulting in radiant and beautiful looking skin.

Benefits of our multi-action Rejuvenating Youth Secret 

  • Preserve elasticity and firmness
  • Improve skin appearance to boost radiant and beautiful looking skin
  • Anti-aging actions
  • Helps collagen degradation
  • Retains skin moisture to prevent dry skin
  • Corrects blemishes
Product Information

Apply on face and massage in upward motion for lifting effects.



10 needless syringe x 2.5mL

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